Eve Squadron

Eve Squadron is a cross-platform Intel Tool for Eve Online that provides quick access to important character metrics and statistics fetched live from Eve and zKillboard Servers. Available on Linux, Windows and MacOS, its user-friendly interface displays all vital information at one glance, making it an essential tool for players of all levels.


Settings Menu

Starting with version 0.5, the settings are now managed within the application itself.
Click on the ‘Settings’ button in the right bottom corner of the application. These settings are saved in a local database which, by default, is in your configuration directory.
The database is stored in this directory

These settings take effect immediately, but only will get stored in the database when you click on ‘Save’.

To change the database, you can create a (custom) connection string in the appconfig.json (see below).

Available Settings

Clipboard Polling

The rate (in milliseconds) in which the clipboard gets queried for new values. Minimum is 100ms, Maximum is 2000ms. It is recommended to not use too small values.

The default is ‘250’ ms.

Export path

This is the path for the CSV-Export. You can set the CSV-file with the first icon next to the export path. Having this path set allows you to use the “Auto Export” feature and also manually export single pilots from the main view.

To disable all export related functionality, delete the filepath (with the second button to the right).

Auto Export Scans

When this checkbox is selected (and a export path is set), every successful scan will get exported into the CSV file.


The theme of the application. Use Default for the system theme.

Hover color

The hover color (and its variations based on this color) for players in the main view.

Whitelist enabled

The application default whether it should start with whitelisting enabled.
Whitelisting allows you to exclude players, corporations or alliances from the scan results and exports. You can set this on a “per use” basis in the main view, too.

Always on top

The application default whether it should start ‘on top’ of other applications.
You can set this on a “per use” basis in the main view, too.

Show portraits

Whether you want to show the player portraits in the main view.


The row height for the players in the main view.

Editing the appconfig.json file

This file needs to be located in the same directory as the executable file.

Usually it is not longer necessary to edit settings in this configuration file.
However, for the sake of simplicity, the endpoints to the various data sources can be edited here in case these get changed.

In the case of an older configuration file (version 0.5 and earlier), the user settings are transferred to the new format and stored in the users database.
Once you have saved your settings within the application, the database will take precedence over the other configuration files.

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t modify the Endpoints-Setting, as these are used for future tweaks and modifications.

Custom Configuration Database

To use a custom database, you need to specify a valid SQLite Connection string. For example, a section like

  "ConnectionStrings": {
    "EveSquadron": "Data Source=/home/<user>/Database/EveSquadron.Database.sqlite;Version=3;"

will try to either create/connect to that database (though, it’s only going to create the database and not the folder hierarchy).